Q: What are the different types of POPULAR Card available?

A: There are 3 types of Popular Cards:
  • Adult Card 1-year, membership fee is RM 12.
  • Adult Card 3-year, membership fee is RM 25.
  • Student Card 2-year, membership fee is RM 10.

    Q: Why has the membership fee of the Adult Card 1-year card increase from RM 10 to RM 12?
    A : The membership fees has been revised from 1 May 2008 to encourage members to apply or Renew to Adult Card 3-Year. Hence, we have reduced the fee for Adult 3-year card from RM 30 to RM 25.

    Q: What about the student Card, no more variations of 1-year & 3-year Student Card?
    A: Yes, there are no more variations. However, there are no changes in the annual student membership fee i.e. RM 5 per year which is now RM 10 for 2 years.

    Q: What are the benefits offered to POPULAR Card members?
    A: Members can enjoy immediate 10% savings for all normal priced items. 20% savings on monthly POP Choice (English titles) & POPULAR Recommendation (Chinese titles). Free POP Club Magazine (4 issues a year). Enjoy discount and privileges at our participating POPULAR Connection merchants. POPULAR Card can also be used in Singapore & Hong Kong but is subjected to the local terms & conditions.

    Q: Do I have to present my POPULAR Card when I purchase books?
    A: Yes, please present your valid POPULAR Card to be entitled to discount offered. 

    Q: How do I become a POPULAR Card member?
    A: Please fill in the POPULAR Card application form and submit the relevant membership fee to the cashier counter. You will be given a Temporary Card upon application. This card will be valid for 3 months before you receive your permanent card.


    Q: I lost my POPULAR Card, can a replacement card be sent to me?
    A: Yes, Firstly, submit the replacement application form & pay a replacement charge of RM 10.  You will be given a Temporary Card, and will receive your Permanent card within 3 months. 

    Q: Can anyone else use my lost card?
    A : No they can’t, we will block the lost card & it will be deemed void. 

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    Q: Do I need to pay if I would like to renew my card?

    A: Yes, you have to pay the annual fees.

    Q: My card will expire in a couple of month’s time, but I would like to renew it now. Is this possible?
    A: Yes, you can renew your card earlier. We will extend the validity period from the existing card to new card as long as it is the equivalent card type. Example: Adult Card 1-year can be renewed earlier to Adult Card 1-year; Student Card 2-year cannot be renewed to an Adult Card 1-year.

    Q: Will you send a reminder before my existing card expire?
    A: Yes, we will send a reminder to POPULAR Card members 1 month before the expiry date. 

    Q: Why do I still need to fill up my details again in the application form as you should have them in your database?
    A: This is to update our record in the system. Though, you may choose to only submit the following particulars in the Renewal Form:
  • Existing card No
  • Name
  • Contact no

    Or simply bring along the Renewal Advice Slip you received for easy renewal.


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