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Hotel Del Luna (OST)
Type : DVD
Language : Korean

EAN No : 8804775133695
RM 151.00 (WM)
RM 151.00 (EM)
The original soundtrack of Hotel Del Luna features a strong tracklist that has dominated Korean digital music charts. The album features Another Day by Monday Kiz and Punch, "Lean On Me" by 10cm, "All About You" by Girls' Generation's Tae Yeon, "Only You" by Yang Da Il, "Can You See My Heart" by Heize, "You At The End" by Chung Ha, "Remember Me" by Gummy, "See the Stars" by Red Velvet, "Can You Hear Me" by BEN, "So Long" by Paul Kim, Say Goodbye by Song Ha Yea, Done For Me by Punch, "Love Del Luna" by NCT's Tae Yong and Punch, and 18 instrumentals.