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82年生的金智英真人剧场版 KIM JI-YOUNG (DVD)
Type : DVD
Language : Bilingual

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Adapted from a novel of the same name, it directly addresses the issue of gender injustice in Korean families and society. Jin Zhiying (Zheng Youmei) has always lived as a female under social norms and has become a "good daughter" expected by patriarchal parents, a "good woman" who is meek and forbearing in the workplace, and a "good wife" with a family focus . Until one day she seemed to be possessed, and her words and deeds were like her own mother's. Her husband (Kong Youshi) decided to take her to psychological counseling, and the two men faced the pain of her life again. The novel has been controversial since its inception, and even a national petition objected during the film adaptation plan. This "unspeakable" story is still on the screen in the face of social pressure and deserves attention. 同名小说改编而成,直击韩国家庭和社会上的性别不公议题。金智英(郑有美 饰)一直按照社会规范下的女性身份生活,成为重男轻女的父母所期待的「好女儿」,职场上温顺隐忍的「好女人」,和以家庭为重的「好妻子」。直到一天她好似被附身一样,言行如同自己的母亲一般,丈夫(孔侑 饰)决定带她接受心理咨询,两个人一同重新面对她的人生伤痛。小说面世以来饱受争议,甚至在电影改编计划期间出现全国性的请愿反对,这段「不可言说」的故事面对社会压力仍被搬上银幕,值得关注。