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Type : DVD
Language : Bilingual [Eng/Mandarin]

EAN No : 9555499414346
RM 139.90 NETT (WM)
RM 139.90 NETT (EM)
主演: 周冬雨, 许凯, 张嘉倪, 刘学义, 李泽锋
Subtitle-Chinese/English 中/英 字幕

剧情 凡间百姓若遇坎坷离合会去求神拜佛,可若是神仙呢?此剧讲述了上古界四位真神中白玦与上古之间几经生死离别的情深虐恋。以上古的成长为主线,从灵力低微的小“菜鸟”成长为身负苍生之重的主神,却终究逃不过命运的劫难枷锁。神生长远,情根深种,有人为了她不惜毁天灭地,即使三界化为虚有也在所不惜,有人默默等待了六万年,用自己还给她三界永生。九州八荒之下,她又是否能够承载这一场超越三生三世的亘古之恋?


As the only true immortal who possesses pure essence energy, Shang Gu has spent countless lifetimes acting as the head of the four true immortals of the ancient world. The four most powerful beings in existence, these true immortals have become gods in the eyes of the mortals who constantly beseech them for help. Willing to help when they can, the immortals have protected humanity for ages, even going as far as to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. Such was the demise of Shang Gu, who willingly sacrificed herself in a trial which lasted 60,000 years. Now awake from ages of slumber, Shang Gu has returned as Hou Chi, the High Immortal of Qingchi Palace. With no memory of her past life or former powers, Hou Chi has no idea that she was once loved by Bai Jue, one of the three true immortals left after she made that ultimate sacrifice. Having silently loved Shang Gu for over 200,000 years, Bai Jue has spent the years she slumbered painstakingly gathering the scattered remnants of her soul. But his efforts to save Shang Gu came at a great price. Trading his reincarnation for her life, Bai Jue gives everything he is and has for Shang Gu. Only after his soul disappears does Shang Gu remember the love they once shared. Vowing to wait for him, Shang Gu does just that, but will an eternity of waiting really bring him back?