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Fantasy Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan to 与变成了异世界美少女的大叔一起冒险 Since their days as students, Tsukasa Jinguuji has had incredible luck with women due to his good looks; Hinata Tachibana has had almost none, overshadowed by Jinguuji's brilliance. However, while Jinguuji has never shown interest in the opposite sex, Tachibana is always desperate for a girlfriend. Despite their polar differences, they continue to be best friends even in their thirties as salarymen. One night, the two are returning home from a mixer where Jinguuji was the center of attention as usual. In his drunken rambles, a frustrated Tachibana inadvertently wishes to become a beautiful girl with irresistible charm. As if the heavens were listening, a goddess suddenly shows herself before Jinguuji and Tachibana, transporting them to another world to defeat the Demon Lord and simultaneously granting Tachibana's desire. Tachibana—now in the body of an impossibly perfect woman—has become so attractive that even Jinguuji is captivated. Moreover, Tachibana grows aware of Jinguuji's stunning appearance, finally understanding his popularity. Before they fall in love with each other, the duo must complete their mission or risk remaining prisoners to their infatuations forever. “我想要畫一部主人公轉生之後變成女孩子,然後和被一起召喚過來的男性朋友變成了戀愛關係的漫畫。” 作者已經記不清第一次説出這樣的話是什麼時候了,只記得説這句話的地點應該是平常與好友一同去的家庭餐廳。 但很快便被責編説這樣的作品太過小眾,之後作者被責編詢問“有沒有能寫在腰封上的宣傳語”的時候,作者不假思索便回答道“轉生成異世界的美少女大叔”的這個回答後責編兩眼發亮一錘敲定,這便是本作的起點。 在此之後直到第一話出來為止足足用了大半年時間,期間草稿與分鏡稿足足有數百張。項目立案三四個月後一直都沒有過審,導致作者自己懷疑是不是題材過於小眾加上作品不夠有趣沒辦法過審。於是作者逆向思考,加上編輯説的希望加上戀愛喜劇的內容,再次遞交了第一話方才過審。