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Greatest Speeches of the Modern World
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Greatest Speeches of the Modern World is a rare collection of some of the most powerful speeches by some of the most powerful individuals of the modern world.  In this anthology we have taken our starting point as the year 1990. We have made this choice since in a lot many ways the world changed post 1990 and our twentieth century became more modern and anxious. With the fall of Berlin Wall cold war came to an end and a robust communist system of Soviet Union collapsed. Technology entered our homes and came to occupy our daily lives, markets became omnipresent and divisions between the haves and the have-nots increased, religion became more violent and people became scared.

And it is in times like these that leaders who held their nerves and fought their fears inspired us through their famous and testing oratory. The extraordinary men and women included in this volume have all represented their country at the highest level- Presidents, Prime Ministers, Chancellors, Nobel laureate and Leader of Opposition- and in their role guided and chaperoned their country’s present and future.