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Koroshi Ai 相爱相杀 JAP/ENG E / C Novice bounty hunter Chateau Dankworth never expected to encounter someone capable of overpowering her in combat. Even less so that the mysterious man would take an immediate interest in her—to the point of aiding her missions. However, Chateau makes it clear that she has no plans of entertaining any personal involvement with him. Chateau's company is soon tasked with eliminating Song Ryang-ha—an expert assassin and a former member of a powerful Asian organization. Coincidentally, Ryang-ha is the man that has been pursuing her. Despite his background, Chateau reluctantly agrees to meet with Ryang-ha as part of a deal: in exchange for going out with him, he will provide her with the locations of current targets, dead or alive. But when the past begins to haunt both killers, their arrangement may need to come to an end, as their entanglement puts their lives at grave risk. 神出鬼沒,孤獨的殺手兼懸賞對象的宋涼河,以及冷靜、沉默的賞金獵人夏特.丹克沃斯,兩人在某個慘不忍睹的現場相遇了。從那一天起,涼河變得經常出現在夏特身邊,他盯上夏特的目的究竟是……
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