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It's been a year since the dissolution of the Fairy Tail guild. Lucy, Natsu, and Happy have all finally reunited, and now Natsu is surprised to hear not only that Lucy has been tracking down former guild members, but that some of them have joined other guilds! The three set out for the town of Margaret, where Lamia Scale is based, looking for Wendy, who has joined them. They arrive just in time for Lamia Scale's Thanksgiving Festival, where Natsu is aghast to find Wendy performing as an idol with Shelia, and Carla is able to transform into a human. Both Lucy and Natsu are certain that Wendy will want to join them in their quest to restart Fairy Tail and find Master Makarov, who has been missing since disbanding the guild, but it seems she'd rather stay right where she is. Are Lucy, Natsu, and Happy's efforts doomed before they even begin?


Setahun telah berlalu selepas pembubaran persatuan Fairy Tail, akhirnya Lucy, Natsu dan Happy bersatu semula. Selama ini Lucy berusaha menjejak semua bekas ahli persatuan, dan sebahagian mereka telah menyertai persatuan lain. Kini mereka bertiga tuju ke pekan Margaret, pangkalan Lamia Scale, menjadi Wendy yang dulu pernah menyertai mereka. Lucy dan Natsu beryakin bahawa Wendy akan menyertai mereka dan menubuh semula Fairy Tail serta cari Tuan Makarov yang hilang diri selepas pembubaran persatuan, namun Wendy lebih sudi kekal di tempatnya sekarang. Adakah usaha Lucy, Natsu dan Happy akan menjadi sia-sia?