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ELISA'S DAY 遗爱真人剧场版 (DVD)
Type : DVD
Language : Bilingual [Eng/Mandarin]

EAN No : 9555329264257
RM 21.90 NETT (WM)
RM 21.90 NETT (EM)
It's a tragic case of history repeating as two cases twenty years apart find their connections in people who were abandoned by their parents. The story begins in recent times with Sergeant Fai (Ronald CHENG), a grizzled cop who is on the verge of retirement. When he books a young woman named Daisy (Carol TO) for drug possession, the memory of an earlier case that derailed his career emerges. We are taken to 1997 and meet 15 year-old Elisa (Hanna CHAN), an innocent and naive girl who has fallen in love with Wai (Tony WU), a decent guy with a motorbike and few prospects. Elisa soon gives birth to a baby girl after the two move in together but life isn't easy. Desperate to earn money, Wai becomes a member of the triads and commits a crime so serious he must flee Hong Kong and leave Elisa and their daughter behind to face the cruelty of society alone. When Wai returns he finds he cannot be a permanent part of their lives and their once happy family is poisoned by resentment which leads to a tragic outcome.

二十年前,年輕的母親Elisa(陳漢娜 飾)犯了誤殺罪;二十年後,舉目無親的迪詩(陶禧玲 飾)亦因為藏毒被捕。探員林力輝(鄭中基 飾)在拘捕迪詩後,回憶起十多年前曾處理過的一宗情侶兇殺案-迪詩正是Elisa的遺孤。除了遺憾,林力輝還可以做什麼?