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Paripi Koumei 派對咖孔明 JAP (E / C) Zhuge Kongming earned a reputation as one of the greatest tacticians of the Three Kingdoms period of third-century China. Having led his army through countless grueling victories, Kongming falls gravely ill during the Battle of Wuzhang Plains. The weariness and regret stemming from the seemingly never-ending war catch up to him, and as he draws his final breath, Kongming wishes that if he were to reincarnate, he would be reborn in a more peaceful era. His wish comes true, and Kongming wakes up in modern-day Tokyo with a younger body and his memories intact. Thrust into an unfamiliar world, he finds his way into a nightclub and meets Eiko Tsukimi, an aspiring singer whose performance immediately captivates him. Pitying his confusion, Eiko takes Kongming under her wing and teaches him about the current world, which leads to Kongming's interest in contemporary music. Seeing Eiko's immense musical potential, Kongming vows to make the world recognize her and soon takes on the role of her manager. Unsurprisingly, the music industry is unforgiving to those who make even the slightest mistakes. Still, Kongming is determined to accomplish his goals—even if he must utilize the war stratagems he famously used in his previous life! “丞相,穿越了!?”三國時代的孔明在五丈原抱憾離世,如今他恢復成年輕時的模樣,以一身古時打扮來到現代日本涉谷。突兀的裝扮讓人以為他在Cosplay,後來被人帶往夜店狂歡,孔明在那裏認識了一心想成為歌手的月見英子。聽了她的歌聲大為感動,於是自告奮勇擔任她的軍師。來到現代,孔明要如何發揮他的軍事長才來協助英子完成“霸業”呢?