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ONCE THEY WERE HERE 告诉世界我来过真人剧场版 (DVD)

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The 24-hour veterinary clinic acts like a bridge, witnessing the birth,separation, sickness and death of animals that human ever loved. On the contrary, also filled with our hope and despair. Some of their lives are in danger because of human's selfishness and ruthlessness. " Once They Were Here " tells the fate from different animals on the choice of human. Perhaps it is not pure love and random. The so-called equality of life is only reflected in the uninterrupted heartbeat. 动物的生命本来无分价值,但待遇可不尽相同。在兽医诊所裡,生命变得有价,而衡量动物生命价值的,是人。在人的选择裡,也在人的计算裡。《告诉世界我来过》把不同动物的命运交织着,或许动物的命运,并不是来得如此纯粹与随机,所谓的生命平等,就贞体现在不间断的心跳声之中。24小时经营的兽医诊所是一个窗口,凝视著动物的生、离、死别,主人的希望与绝望,但也似乎窥看著人类的自私与无情…