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16 Bit Sensation: Another Layer 16 Bit的感动: Another Layer Vol.1-13 End (DVD)
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Konoha Akisato is an illustrator who loves beautiful girls and bishoujo games. She works at a video game studio and aspires to become a super famous illustrator. However, reality did not work out as well as she had hoped. In the present, where mobile games are all the rage, Konoha spent her days as a sub-illustrator just coloring the back of background characters.
One day, after some happenings, Konoha got her hand on a masterpiece of a bishoujo game from the owner of a game shop. Thinking back to the golden age of bishoujo games, Konoha opened the package of "Dokyusei" and was suddenly enveloped by a dazzling light, transferring her to the past!
She arrived in the year 1992—The golden age of bishoujo games! Now joining a company named "Alcoholsoft," will Konoha be able to think, draw, and create her beautiful girls?!
A story about a girl brought to you by her overwhelming love for beautiful girls—"Now, let's start!"

乐叶回到的过去是1992年,这时代正是美少女游戏的黎明期。来到了名为Alcohol Soft的公司工作的乐叶,心怀美少女、绘制美少女,她能创造出美少女吗?