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世上只有爸爸好 Fate (DVD)
Type : DVD

EAN No : 9555329267180
RM 23.90 (WM)
RM 23.90 (EM)

Truck driver Chuen (Liu Kai Chi) works hard every day to support his family. He fights often with his son Chong (Chiu Sin Hang), who is only interested in photography and seems to be wasting his days doing nothing. One day during a heated argument, Chuen raises his hand against his son. Chong storms out of the home and gets hit by a car. When Chuen reaches the hospital, it's already too late. While reeling from grief, Chuen learns from the hospital that Chong had registered for organ donation. Though still unable to accept Chong's death, Chuen chooses to respect his son's last wishes.