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李根传 KC Lee《一碗团圆饭》线上分享会
30 Jan 2021
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有人喜欢用照片记录当下;有人以文字留念,而城市旅画人李根传则以速写的方式画下了他60年所听所闻所感受的人生。翻开这本长达20米,合计60页的风琴拉页画册,您会看到很多熟悉的景点,如和丰小镇、金宝古迹等地方。随着一张张细腻的画作, “大马记录:最长个人实地速写”持有者李根传带着您“走过”他这60年来看似平凡却又不简单的大时代故事。若想知道他在创作这本画册的心路历程以及现场展示速写,那就别错过30/1(六)晚上8点至9点的直播了,约定您!

The owner of the “Malaysia Books of Records: The Longest Sketch Journal by An Individual”, KC Lee is an urban sketcher who has dedicated his life to the modern art. He believes there’s a story in every place you visit, thus, his 88m(300 foot) long journal reflects just that. Now, with the launching of his new book “The Faith, The Dream”, KC Lee inspires to share his life journey through stories. Join us at the Live Sharing Session with the urban sketcher, KC Lee on 30 Jan (Sat), 8pm.

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