1. What are the different types of POPULAR Card available?
There are 4 types of POPULAR Cards:
Adult Card:
  • POPULAR Card – 1 year (Fee: RM 12)
  • POPULAR Privilege Card – 3 year (Fee: RM25)
  • Teachers’ Privileged Service Card – 1 year (Fee: 12)
Student Card:
  • POPULAR Student Card – 2 year (Fee: RM 10)
2. What are the benefits offered to POPULAR Card members?
  • Immediate 10%* storewide discount at over 150 POPULAR bookstores in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore as well as HARRIS bookstores and CD RAMA Departments in Malaysia Only.
  • 20% discount on POPULAR’S CHOICE, PIIHAN POPULAR, 大众推荐 & 印品.
  • Additional yearly reward on school assessment books under the Teachers’ Privileged Service.
  • FREE* Quarterly POPCLUB Magazine (Malaysia Edition only).
  • Monthly Birthday Thrill (visit www.popular.com.my for more details)
  • Enjoy discounts and privileges at our participating POPULAR Connections merchant’s outlets, many more goodies, treats and unbeatable discounts await you!
3. Do I have to present my POPULAR Card when I purchase books?
Yes, please present your valid POPULAR Card to be entitled to discount offered.
4. How do I become a POPULAR Card member?
Please fill up the POPULAR Card application form and submit the relevant membership fee at the cashier counter or apply online via www.popular.com.my. You will be issued a Temporary Card immediately which is valid for 3 months. We will send the original card to your address within 3 months.

1. I lost my POPULAR Card, can a replacement card be sent to me?
Replacement Original Card fee is RM 10. Please fill up the replacement application form and we will send the Original Card to your address within 3 months.


2. Can anyone else use my lost card?
No they can’t, we will block the lost card & it will be deemed void.

1. Do I need to pay if I would like to renew my card?
Yes, you have to pay the annual fees.
2. My card will expire in a couple of month’s time, but I would like to renew it now. Is this possible?
Yes, you can renew your card earlier. We will extend the validity period from the existing card to new card as long as it is the equivalent card type. Example: POPULAR Card -1 year can be renewed earlier to POPULAR Card - 1 year; POPULAR Student Card - 2 year cannot be renewed to an POPULAR Card - 1 year.
3. Will you send a reminder before my existing card expire?
Yes, we will send a reminder to POPULAR Card members via SMS 1 month before the expiry date.
4. Why do I still need to fill up my details again in the application form as you should have them in your database?
This is to update our record in the system. Though, you may choose to only submit the following particulars in the Renewal Form:
  • Existing card No
  • Name
  • Contact no