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Fun with Vocabulary - Lower Primary
EAN No : 9789674519469

Publisher : EPH(M)

RM 16.50 (WM)
RM 19.00 (EM)
Vocabulary refers to the words of a language. Increasing one’s vocabulary by memorizing words can be quite dreary for pupils. How can a book help pupils to learn new words in a fun way? How can pupils pick up the good habit of reading without finding it a chore?

FUN WITH VOCABULARY is a series of two books targeted at lower and upper primary school pupils. This series has adopted an innovative way of presenting vocabulary exercises via lively characters that pupils can easily relate to. Relevant words are introduced through thematic units and specially-crafted exercises, enabling pupils to increase their word bank significantly.
Through this series, it is hoped that pupils will be able to learn effectively and enjoy the learning process. It is the author’s desire that all who use this series will come to realise that reading is an enjoyable activity and that learning new words can be a fun process.
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