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Type : DVD
Language :  Bilingual [Eng/Mandarin]

EAN No : 9555329262581
RM 21.90 NETT (WM)
RM 21.90 NETT (EM)

Ura Sekai Picnic 里世界远足

The "Otherworld" is a vast and dangerous realm hidden from the knowledge of the common folk. It is also home to many creatures that threaten any human who dare visit it. To witness its desolate yet oddly absorbing environment, one must search for portals that could reside anywhere, from secret elevators to shrine entrances. After a fateful encounter with a horrendous Otherworld denizen, Sorao Kamikoshi ponders whether to keep going or give up in life. Meanwhile, Toriko Nishina scours the Otherworld in hopes of finding her friend Satsuki, who she believes is lost somewhere within the realm. When the two cross paths, friendship blossoms. In order to acquire as much information about this obscure dimension, the two travel back and forth from the real world to the other. Sorao and Toriko's bodies are soon influenced by the Otherworld, preparing them for the many horrors to come as both of them try to fulfill their goals.

“弯弯曲曲”、“八尺大人”、“如月车站”…… 被当做真实怪谈,危险生物频出的“里世界”。这里是和现实世界相邻,充满谜团的世界。 纸越空鱼从废屋的门找到了里世界,在那里与仁科鸟子相遇。这场相遇,彻底改变了空鱼的人生。 为了寻找在里世界失踪的女性“冴月”,鸟子请空鱼帮忙探索里世界。 探险、研究、赚钱……两人踏入这个“非日常”共同行动,遭遇各式各样的怪异,危险的求生由此展开。

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