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ONE AND ONLY + FOREVER AND EVER 周生如故 VOL. 1-24 END + 一生一世 VOL. 1-30 END (6DVD)
Type : DVD
Language : Bilingual [Eng/Mandarin]

EAN No : 9555329264196
RM 119.90 NETT (WM)
RM 119.90 NETT (EM)
主演: 任嘉伦、白鹿
Subtitle-Chinese/English 中/英 字幕

(周生如故) 故事叙述年纪轻轻就战功彪炳的小南辰王周生辰(任嘉伦 饰),立定志向要一生效忠国家,作风严谨态度谦逊,清河的名门漼氏独生女漼时宜(白鹿 饰),出生之后与太子指腹为婚,是未来的太子妃,漼时宜个性善良聪慧又可爱活泼,因家里与王府是世交,于是被长辈送至王府学艺 周生辰将漼时宜收为第十一徒弟,经过生活日常点滴的相处中,漼时宜竟不知不觉爱上了这位大将军,纵使双方的感情快速升温,依旧恪守礼仪,此时边关军情再度告急,周生辰随即领兵出战,奋勇抗敌,而漼时宜却必须担起家族声誉的重担……

(One and Only) Zhou Sheng Chen was raised by his brother, the Emperor, until the age of thirteen, when he set out to defend the border and establish himself as a loyal and accomplished general. Cui Shi Yi, the well-read daughter of an esteemed family, has been betrothed to the Crown Prince since birth. However, political scheming and tragic events result in Cui Shi Yi falling mute, her former fiance becoming a child Emperor, and Zhou Sheng Chen returning to the capital amidst a cloud of political turmoil. Against the Cui family's protests, the Empress Dowager Regent changes the terms of Cui Shi Yi's betrothal. Her new fiance is the Emperor's sickly, young companion and the future Crown Prince, if he can survive long enough to come of age. Zhou Sheng Chen accepts Cui Shi Yi as his disciple to resolve lingering animosity between the royal family and the Cui family, and Cui Shi Yi suddenly finds herself leaving her sheltered life in the capital for Zhou Manor in the Western State. 剧情 (周生如故) 温婉可人、处事低调的业内顶尖配音演员时宜(白鹿 饰),在机场偶遇儒雅的海归化学教授周生辰(任嘉伦 饰),两人一见如故。为拯救家业,周生辰答应母亲的条件,并向颇有好感的时宜提出了订婚的请求,点滴相处中两人暗生情愫。当周生辰面对两难境地,时宜始终相伴左右。之后,周生辰遭奸人陷害,时宜为救他而受伤昏迷。在周生辰的悉心照料下,时宜终于醒来,两人约定此生永不分离。 Synopsis (One and Only) This story is about Shi Yi, a gentle pleasant and low-key but industry's top voice actress, who ran into the elegant returnee chemistry professor Zhou Sheng Chen at the airport one day. They gradually develop a mutual understanding in getting along with each other, and join hands to preserve traditional craftsmanship and overcome many storms as they decide to accompany each other for the rest of their lives...

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