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Starling: Yu Meng Long, Vivi Miao, Zhou You, Chen Xin Yu, Chen Wei Dong, Wang Nai Chao 主演: 于朦胧, 苗苗, 周游, 陈欣予, 赵茜 Language-Mandarin中文对白 Subtitle-Chinese/English 中/英 字幕 剧情介绍 《青春抛物线》以青少年排球竞技为主题,讲述了一群年轻人为了排球梦想而不懈奋斗的热血励志故事,将体育竞技的励志精神通过青春梦想加以展现。 Synopsis Promoting the spirit of Chinese women's volleyball is a story about a group of young people who fight for their dreams. A volleyball team faces the prospect of disbandment after being defeated by old time champions in the recent student leagues. Yi An Le is a naturally gifted volleyball player who joins the team. Although her teammates are skeptical about her at first, Yi An Le's kindness, courage and persistence help her forge strong friendships along the way. The underdog team that was once looked down upon clears the city league to make it to the provincial league. However, the journey towards becoming champions is not as easy as it looks. Yi An Le is caught in complicated relationship with volleyball ace Ye Man Yang, her childhood friend Fu An Yan and teammate Qiu Yuan Ya. Their personal problems getting in the way of their teamwork, the Mingyang team suffers a terrible loss. In the face of mounting pressures, can they still achieve victory?
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