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松本幼年时因为没能拯救溺水的青梅竹马而遁入空门,又因为想在重要的人死前挽救他们的性命而立志成为医生。他一边在医院的急救中心从事医疗工作,一边兼任僧侣的工作,在太平间为死者念经,为患者做临终心理安抚,所以他也会穿着法衣在急救中心救治患者,有时,患者看到这样的他,误以为自己快要死了,于是就引发了骚乱。而且,因为他做什么都要念经,所以不仅仅是患者,连同事也反感他。不过,他无论是作为医生还是僧侣都认真工作。而另一方面,他也会陷入迷恋美色之类的苦恼中,让周围的朋友吃惊 。 Matsumoto Shouen entered monkhood because he could not rescue his childhood friend who was drowning right in front of him when he was a kid. Wanting to save the lives of the people important to him in their last moments, he also aspired to be a doctor. At the hospital, Shouen engages in medical care as an emergency doctor and also chants sutra for the deceased at the morgue or provides psychological care for terminally ill patients as a Buddhist monk. As a result, there are times when he treats patients brought into the emergency centre while he is in his robes and causes them to jump to the conclusion that they have died. Although he is disliked not only by patients but also colleagues for chanting prayers to Buddha and preaching for everything, he is cheerful and sincere. As Shouen grapples with how he should save lives, attend to deaths and support the families of patients, he grows as a doctor, a monk and a person.
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