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RYZA NO ATE莱莎的炼金工房:常暗女王与秘密藏身处V1-12E(DVD)

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From her hometown to her daily life on Kurken Island, everything surrounding Reisalin "Ryza" Stout is painfully ordinary. Despite being the daughter of a hardworking farmer, she would rather go on pretend adventures as she explores almost every corner of the island. However, the fact that it is against the local customs to venture off Kurken Island irritates her to no end. One day, wishing for something interesting to finally happen in her life, Ryza escapes on a boat with her two good friends: the bookworm Tao Mongarten and the aspiring warrior Lent Marslink. Arriving at a nearby forest, the trio stumbles into Klaudia Valentz, the daughter of a visiting merchant who also wandered off into the woods. As the naive and underprepared group ventures further, they run into dangerous monsters. Thankfully, they are rescued by the alchemist Empel Vollmer and his skilled bodyguard Lila Decyrus. This fateful encounter will lead Ryza to the key that will change her life forever—the creative and wonderful world of alchemy.
在四面環湖的庫肯島上,有個拉森博登村。 在這個位於洛提斯瓦薩王國邊境的村莊裡,時光流逝得很平靜。在這樣缺乏刺激的村莊生活中,有一個充滿活力、平平無奇的少女──萊莎。“啊,有什麼有趣的事嗎?”在這個既憋屈又無聊的村子裡,萊莎對自己這個「平凡的農家少女」的身份感到不滿,有一天,萊莎和兒時的朋友蘭托、塔奧一同偷偷地坐上小船,開始 了前往島對岸的首次探險。在那裡,他們遇到了一個能使用名為「煉金術」的奇妙力量的男人。 萊莎被該力量深深吸引,再三懇求對方傳授煉金術。從「平凡的農家少女」到「煉金術士」。與以往的打鬧嬉戲不同,只屬於自己的「僅限今夏的冒險」開始了

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