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In the world of magic, there exist deadly irreversible techniques commonly known as spellblades. These sparse and elusive spells, along with their casters, are shrounded in mystery and only their absolute lethality is known to the masses. Every year, the spring blossom signifies a new intake of students to the prestigious magic school Kimberly. With reactions of awe and bewilderment, a ceremonies parade complete with magical beasts welcomes the newcomers to the institution. Among them is the mysterious Oliver Horn, whose indifference changes to fascination as he notices a peculiar figure – a girl wearing strange attire equipped with a Japanese sword. From the entrance ceremony onward, Oliver realizes that not all is as it seems at Kimberly, as the emergence of labyrinths, monsters, and other threats endanger the new student body. Nanatsu no Maken ga Shihai suru explores the intertwined fates of two warriors as they uncover the dark truths that lurk within the walls of the academy.
《七魔劍支配天下》是一部動作奇幻小說改編或新作。 故事發生在春天, 新生魔法師們身穿黑色長袍,手持白杖和杖劍, 來到名校金伯利魔法 學校。 他們期待著迎接他們的櫻花盛開之路和魔法生物进行,但很快就 意識到學校內部存在著各種危險,包括會隨意吞噬學生的地下迷宮、像怪物一樣的高年級學生和圍繞著亞人種人權議題的派系鬥爭。

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