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My Invention: The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla
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Nikola Tesla established his innovative supremacy through a multitude of discoveries, and became an instant celebrity when he demonstrated his highly innovative Tesla Coil. He worked on Edison’s Direct Current and came up with Alternating Current, an alternative that swept the world by storm. Tesla’s inventive juggernaut rarely ever slowed down. Decidedly well ahead of his time, and after 300 well-earned Patents, Tesla’s mind leap-frogged to work on the then ‘improbable’ like electricity transmission through air, fuel-less airplanes, flying cars and a Death Ray capable of decimating very large targets.

For his extraordinary and imaginative prowess, seemingly out of sync with his times, today, Tesla has become a cult of sorts, and his name continues to attract all probing minds, both young and old, like a powerful magnet.