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LIMBO 智齿真人剧场版 (DVD)
Type : DVD

EAN No : 9555329266954
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从学堂毕业的任凯(李淳 饰),因一宗连环凶杀案,与刚复职的斩哥(林家栋 饰)开始搭档关系。案子破不了,反倒引发连串事故。斩哥重遇误杀妻儿的街童王桃(刘雅瑟 饰),被激发的恨意一发不可收拾;任凯大意失枪,误被凶手所获。凶手潜伏在城市之中,危机逼近……
Rookie police officer Will Yam (Mason Lee) is a recent graduate of the police academy. Due to a wave of serial killings, Will is partnered with veteran officer Cham Lau (Gordon Lam), who was recently reinstated on the force. However, the duo is unable to solve the cases and instead causes a series of incidents. Later, Cham re-encounters a drug-addicted street urchin, Wong To (Cya Liu), who ran over his wife and daughter in the past, and his anger makes him spiral out of control and continuously abuses her. Will clumsily loses his pistol, which is found by the serial killer. With the killer lurking in the city, a crisis grows closer.